Facility Services

“All in 1” service management

CS Services offers you the management of cleaning, janitorial and waste to allow you to focus on “the heart of your business”

Cleaning – Janitorial – Clearance – Waste recycling

Also, our work management service with specialists and qualified workers for quality work

  • Whatever the type of your project, our specialists and our partners have the know-how required to carry out all the steps necessary for its realization.
  • We offer you perfect transparency on all parameters, as well as attentive and respectful listening to all stakeholders. In addition, we are committed to satisfying your needs with efficiency, speed, tenacity and to adapting to your desiderata.
  • The services offered are carried out by us, or by carefully selected companies so that the work is carried out according to the rules of the art, with an eye for detail and finishing.
  • We make it a point of honor to meet agreed deadlines, guarantee fixed prices and maintain flawless quality throughout the execution of the work.
  • Thanks to our team, your project is in good hands because we have a long experience in the trade and construction is our strongest vocation.

Work direction is therefore available according to your needs with, in particular, the following services

  • Project studies and search for interesting variants
  • Administrative procedures
  • Provision of skilled and meticulous workers
  • Selection of serious companies with proven track record
  • Site monitoring, verification of the proper execution of the work
  • Advice and assistance until the completion of the site

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